“From the White House to the New World Trade Center to office buildings and custom homes, SUNDIAL finishes provide long-lasting color and exceptional weatherability.”

— Shivie Dhillon, SunDial Powder Coatings

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Architectural Coatings

Aesthetics & Performance

Architects and designers revel in the freedom of choice, unlimited color pallet, texture variations and performance versatility of SUNDIAL powder coatings. With 33 years of powder coating experience, SUNDIAL has perfected the art form taking it to new levels. Using high-performance, resin-based coatings, like KYNAR 500 and our one-of-a-kind, 7-stage, non-chromate pre-treatment system, SUNDIAL delivers a superior powder coating process and an equally superior finished surface. One that conquers environment, weather and long-term wear all while satisfying the whim and vision of the most discerning professional designers and architects.

"Our color experts will create a detailed spec for yourarchitectural coating requirements to engineer optimal adhesion, color retention, weatherability and longevity."

— Shivie Dhillon, SunDial Powder Coatings
Performance Factors



  • Superior Gloss/Color Retention 
  • Excellent Weatherability
  • Strong Mechanical Properties
  • Superior Chalking Resistance
  • Good Edge Coverage
  • Smooth Flow Properties
  • Extended Storage Stability


  • Building Interiors and Exteriors 
  • Lighting Poles & Fixtures
  • Parks and Resorts
  • Residential Architecture
  • Roofing Systems
  • Fencing and Enclosures
  • Lawn/Garden Furniture, Garage Doors

CUSTOM COLORS – A nearly unlimited range of colors with good UV stability.

SURFACE TEXTURES – Surface textures can be specified from smooth to various degrees of texture or dimpling in multiple gloss levels to suit the exact aesthetic requirements for any architectural surface or structural element.

PRE-TREATMENT – SUNDIAL’s 7-stage, non-chormate, 100% DI-water, pre-treatment system offers you a wide array of pre-treatment options while delivering the industry’s cleanest pre-powder coating surfaces resulting in the most ideal substrate condition for optimum coverage, adhesion and color retention.

OPTIMAL CURING – Periodic cure oven calibration with sophisticated data-pack temperature recorders provides vital statistics on metal temperatures ensuring optimally cured performance powder coatings.

Structural Elements


SUNDIAL's non-chromate, 7-stage, pre-treatment system delivers the needed capacity to accommodate larger product lengths typical of extruded aluminum building components. Investment in the latest technology for ultra clean substrates, efficient use of chemicals, reduced cross-contamination and integrated quality control result in the highest structural steel coatings quality technically possible. This high level of quality makes SUNDIAL powder coating ideal for many architectural uses:

Doors & windows
Frames & trim
Lawn & garden
Office equipment
Louver systems
Thermal windows
Solar collectors
Air ducts and more
Interior Elements


SUNDIAL can powder coat any size, shape or surface of precision formed architectural metal with a durable, dull, high-gloss or textured surface that will appeal to all the senses. Our advanced, precision powder coating technology delivers the color, gloss and life-long durability high-end architectural materials demand.
High End Furnishings


SUNDIAL can powder coat the whole universe of unique and varied furnishing for high-end interior design. From tables and chairs to shelves, statuary, 3D art, room dividers and walls, SUNDIAL powder coatings provide the color variety, depth, texture and lasting beauty that high-end interior spaces yearn for.