Our Process

“We’re intent on producing the very best surface finish for each and every job producing the highest quality results that will often last a lifetime.” – Shivie Dhillon

Innovative Pre-Inspection Methods

SUNDIAL’s powder coating process integrates innovative, advanced methods with best-in-class equipment like our 7-stage, inline, non-chromate, 100% DI (de-ionized) water pre-treatment system and our dedicated crew of powder coating specialists.

The process begins with a rigorous pre-process inspection. PRE-PROCESS INSPECTION Inbound parts are first inspected for any and all surface anomalies including rust, corrosion, marks, scratches in the substrate, other marring or damage resulting either from shipping or earlier processing before being placed on our overhead conveyor.

We also check for missing hardware and tag any deficient parts to be held until the customer can be notified to authorize further processing through our precision powder coating system.

Versatile Pre-treatment Options

We offer our customers a wide array of advanced corrosion resistant pre-treatment powder coating options depending on their unique processing requirements and finished product specifications. Standard for many types of substrates, is our 7-stage pre-treatment wash with dedicated iron- phosphate coating followed by a DI water rinse. Our seventh stage provides wide flexibility for variable processing of unique substrates requiring special attention.

Using high-performance cleansers and rinse solutions yield enhanced adhesion for both ferrous and non-ferrous products. SUNDIAL operates a 30′ x 8′ x 8′ in-house sandblaster, and offers non-chromate conversion and meticulous hand sanding for custom work and other special powder coating finishing requirements.

Inspection & Drying

Following the powder coating pre-treatment process, we carefully inspect all parts to ensure they have been thoroughly cleaned, removing any retained water. After inspection, parts enter our independent dry-off oven for programmed drying. Pre-determined drying temperatures from 225°F to 300°F are based on part density, configuration and line speed to protect phosphate coating integrity.

“After pre-treatment and inspection, parts enter our independent dry-off oven for programmed drying.”
– Shivie Dhillon, SunDial Powder Coatings

PRE-POWDER COATING INSPECTION Prior to powder coating, we perform an inspection review of all parts, materials and products. Anything that might interfere with finish quality is fully attended to before the product enters the powder coating booth. Any threaded or previously determined areas are pre-masked to ensure they remain free of powder to assure overall surface quality and wear performance and preserve final finish integrity.

Coating & Curing

Our powder coating process integrates best-in-class technology and equipment. We use Nordson SureCoat powder guns for full coverage in areas difficult to coat using conventional electrostatic systems. Six experienced paint gun operators and QA personnel work and supervise the process to ensure all areas are fully coated while inspectors examine parts with dry film pre-core tests before curing.

“Six experienced paint gun operators and QA personnel work and supervise the powder coating process.”
– Shivie Dhillon, SunDial Powder Coatings

Our cure ovens are calibrated periodically throughout the year using sophisticated data-pack temperature recorders. These recorders provide important information on ambient and actual metal temperatures so we can ensure that our powder coatings are optimally cured. The part curing schedule varies depending on the substrate being processed and ranges from 350°F to 525°F. Performance results from quarterly salt spray tests are another measure used to monitor coating and curing quality and performance.

Inspect & Package

Quality control personnel check every processed part for total consistency and uniformity. We use reference samples acquired from and fully approved by our customers as standards for production item comparison. QA personnel compare color, gloss and overall finish and report any and all deviations for immediate corrective action. In addition, coating thickness is measured for uniformity and various adhesion tests are performed on every product we process.

Our processes are certified compliant to PCI 3000.”
– Shivie Dhillon, SunDial Powder Coatings

Our processes are certified compliant to PCI 3000. — Shivie Dhillon, SunDial Powder Coatings Once the pre-treatment, powder coating and inspection phases are complete, the finished product is packaged, counted for accuracy and labeled for final delivery to the customer. Our production supervisors submit completion reports on every job and QA personnel inspect and sign off on every item and pallet to ensure a complete finished inspection and total quality verification.

Projects & Clients
Across The Continent

DISTINQUISHED WORK & PARTNERSHIPS SUNDIAL has enjoyed a wide variety of projects and partnerships spanning the architectural, industrial, institutional and consumer markets. Below are a sample of these projects and clients from across the continent:
  • World Trade Center Transportation Hub
  • Biodome Arizona
  • Navy Pier Park, Chicago Waterfront
  • The White House
  • City Center, Las Vegas Nevada
  • Old Downtown Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles International Airport
  • Ohio Convention Center
  • California Staples Center
  • Home Depot
  • L’Oréal
  • Gelsens/Kroger
  • Rubbermaid
  • Orly
  • OPI
  • Nail Harmony
  • Los Angeles Public Works
  • Kidspace Children’s Museum