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Project 15 – Powder Coating Rims

Like jewelry worn to complement a suit or cocktail dress, car rims are a vital accessory that complements the look, feel and attitude of an automobile or truck. Starting with the hubcap that began appearing with regularity on vehicles in the 1920s, dressing a wheel with chrome or paint determines the personality of the vehicle.

I was very surprised that I had not already blogged about Car Rims. I actually double checked the list twice in disbelief. Each week I think about what to blog next, while day after day customers are bringing in car rims to customize their rides. How does that old saying go… it was in front of me the entire time?

Well no longer will the most popular consumer powder coated item (at least in my shop) go unnoticed. As the Michelin Man says “There is a lot riding on your tires”. At Sundial Powder Coatings we understand that fully. To simply powder coat rims can be very dangerous. Many alloys can not with stand the heat of the conventional powder coating process, the structural integrity can be lost and weakening the rims performance.

With over 30 years of experience Sundial has tested and re-tested the process to ensure that your family will always be safe and looking good after our powder coating process.