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Project 12 – Powder Coating Nail Polish Bottles

UV curable nail polish has been around for many years. Unfortunately, the application process and storage have made the product undesirable to the consumer market. Sundial Powder Coating and many leading cosmetic companies (ORLY, Jessica Cosmetics, Nail and Harmony, etc) are looking to change that. With our patented process Sundial was able to get powder coating to adhere to the glass substrate which achieved desired functionality and aesthetics.

Since the chemists at the cosmetic companies were able to develop a stable formulation of UV curable nail polish the only missing link was to protect the contents inside the bottle.

That is where Sundial stepped in. Being able to powder coat the bottles was critical to the success of the renewed product launch. Without out a UV barrier the nail polish would just harden inside the bottle. The challenge was getting the powder to stick without an electrostatic charge.

Without disclosing our patented process I can tell you it was a success. Today with the efforts of Sundial and the chemists, long lasting more durable UV curable nail polish can now make its way back to the consumer.