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Project 10 – Is there a Doctor in the house!! Powder Coated Vintage Metal Lunch Box

A refurbishment doctor that is. As I was surfing through eBay vintage items that cost less than $3.00, I came across this little beauty. I couldn’t believe that no one had bid on this metal Lunch Box after 7 days of being listed. The ideas were endless but the application and inspiration of it came from the unfortunate disaster in Japan. When the metal lunch box arrived, I took a peek inside to check out the condition and to my surprise I found a hand written note. My first thought was who still hand writes notes? It must be important. Turns out the lunch box I purchased still belonged to the original owner who bought it 74 years ago. The note was simple and to the point:

“Thanks for buying my lunch box, I got it in the sixth grade 1934.”

By now I am sure that you know my appreciation for quality craftsmanship. This lunch box is no exception. 74 years old and it still functions! Granted, it probably sat on a shelf for most of its life but still. After separating the hardware from the box the powder coating process was easy. The silkscreen image was a great touch and brought the whole concept together. Take a look!! Let me know what you think.