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Project 7 – Powder Coated Bubble Gum Machine

ts 1988. My brother and I are walking home from school. Earlier that week our mother forbid us to stop into the new 7-Eleven located between our home and school. The weather was pleasant, but really what 10 year old cares about the weather? The only thing on my mind was the forbidden zone a.k.a the 7-Eleven. My brother was the wiser, simply explaining risk vs. reward to me – obviously, all junior high students discussed risk vs. reward!

As we walked into the comic book store next door I walked right by it; a simple unassuming red vending machine mixed with red and white gum balls staring at me from inside the 7-Eleven.

We visited the comic book store many times that school year, but never once did we enter the 7-Eleven. As the school year came to an end my willpower was beginning to be tested. I found a quarter on our sidewalk as if my mom had placed it in our path and was parked somewhere to witness the betrayal. A plan so devious only a parent could conjure up. I picked up the quarter while looking in every direction anticipating my mom to jump out and say “got you!”

This wasn’t fair I thought, there is no way I will be able to resist. As we got closer to the 7-Eleven I saw my chance; a school mate was walking in. I yelled to him, explained my situation and asked for his assistance. I watched from the outside as he placed the quarter into the machine and gave the knob a good spin. As he lifted the flap to reveal the red bubble gum I stood witness to the greatest betrayal ever as he popped it into his mouth and began to chew.