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Project 5 – Powder Coating Lobby Stools

For over 30 years, Sundial Powder Coatings has always provided some form of lobby seating. From the typical lobby chairs with a table in between for beverages and magazines to a nice sofa set complete with end tables and a lamp. During our last remodel, we redesigned our office to a much smaller format – its all about the factory space. And so for the first time our office was without a lobby or lobby seating. So, as part of the next Project 52 powder coating challenge, I figured to remedy the problem and get back to supplying dignified lobby seating.

A few months ago, I purchased a random selection of metal chairs and metal stools from an auction for only $10.00. I had already refurbished the chairs and put them to good use, so I was left with just the metal stools. I found two matching stools and got them ready for the B.C.A (blast, powder coat, assemble) process. I figured since these are probably never going to be used or any attention paid to them I wasn’t about spend time setting up a special color. We happened to be running black the day I needed the stools so black it was.

After the metal stools were powder coated, they looked impeccable. Some of the effects of long term rust showed on the metal and through the powder coating, but in my opinion it added some character. I was happy to see the same day I put them in service they were used. “Its about time you guys put some seating in here, they look pretty expensive too” said an admiring customer.

Next week, we’ll powder coat a small front entry gate.