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Project 11 – As Seen on TV – A Powder Coated Birdcage

After 5 years of a long distance relationship, Joel & Lizz have finally found their own space and moved in together. Joel is living the life of a successful magician and Lizz is a professional dancer. The two are a very creative couple but their home is far from reflecting it. With both of them holding down jobs entertaining others, they’re consistently pulled across the country for work and have little time to fix up their space. Being on the road for so much of their lives, it’s important that the couple has a comfortable place to call home. Currently, their home seems like a neutral bore of wasted dead space. Joel and Lizz are up for anything but Lizz detests pink so Antonio will have to find a new “go-to” color.

Antonio starts off his design process by visiting the world famous Magic Castle to get some inspiration. He leaves with a new appreciation for vintage magic posters, antique magic tricks, owls, and bunnies. In Joel & Lizz’s home Antonio addresses the monster fireplace and gives it new life by cladding the entire wall with stacked stone. Antonio introduces a little “modern country glam” into the space by stripping back the painted header beams, painting antler chandeliers with black glitter, and by bringing in cowhide chairs and a giant white boom box.

The walls are painted a modest, neutral, shade of dusty blue to allow for the decorative elements in the room to provide the shots of color. Antonio calls in guest artist, Shivie from Sundial Powder Coating to powder coat an antique birdcage in a shade of orchid pink. This is just like the birdcage that we powder coated for HGTV, Shivie remarks. Antonio shops for the perfect modern furniture that also has a country edge and picks out the perfect frame for a giant custom mirror to complete the rehearsal area of the space. An enormous marlin is modified and customized with a pink fin to hang as the focal point over the fireplace. Antonio pulls out all his tricks, makes Lizz love pink and gives the couple a place to entertain, rest, relax and rehearse in this magical makeover.